Products & Components

PAE have since the start been in the pioneering forefront of electronic components and products. Our is to create customer value by simply enable the most efficient system design through the best components and products on the market. PAE creates customer value by optimizing your component sourcing, the right products for the right price at the right time. That is how we believe great solutions and long going success is born.


Hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers from Eaton Heinemann

Hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers provide enhanced safety and durability to any AC or DC power system. With their resistance to temperature and ability to withstand shocks and vibrations, hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers give you superior performance compared to thermal circuit breakers.

PAE offers the full Eaton Heinemann portfolio. The breakers are available as panel mount or DIN-mount, 1-6 poles with an auxiliary alarm switch option. They are compliant with major approvals and certifications, including MIL-standards. Customization is possible and is done by PAE in collaboration with Eaton’s design team in Switzerland.

Fuses &

surge protection

PAE offer fuses and surge protection components from Eaton, Littelfuse Inc. and Elschukom GmbH. We offer standard products as well as customized components in small or large quantities.

  • Standard melting fuses

  • Surface mount fuses

  • Automotive fuses

  • Telecom fuses

  • Rail fuses

  • Fuse holders & fuse blocks

  • Varistors

  • PTC:s

  • Supercapacitors

  • Solar fuses

  • TVS Diodes

  • ESD suppressors


PAE provides magnetic proximity switches & sensors, temperature sensors and automotive sensor solutions from Littelfuse Inc. We also have the capability to design and develop customer specific sensor solutions for your unique application.

  • Reed swishes

  • Reed sensors

  • Reed Relays

  • Hall Effect sensors

  • Automotive sensors

  • Temperature Sensors

Circuit Breakers

If your highest priority is safety and durability, choose Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Barkers from EATON Heinemann. PAE supply the to the toughest environments and sectors on the market such as Nuclear, Defense and Medical instruments.

  • Magnetic Hydraulic Circuit Breakers

Lightning Protection

PAE offer a comprehensive selection of lightning protection products and solutions from Citel. From grounding products to the latest in surface mount SPD:s. However, if you need DIN mounted Type 2 SPD or a modular compact SPD we got you covered as well.

  • DIN mounted SPD

  • Modular SPD

  • Surface mounted SPD

  • Grounding products

  • Signal SPD

  • Antenna feeder SPD

  • Coaxial SPD

  • Lightning monitoring